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You can join any other community, but none will be as valuable as this one.  All the information needed to get started in this niche of completing Immigration Evaluations. We are not here to convince you to buy our product, we are here to encourage you THAT YOU CAN DO THIS!!!  No need to learn a second language. Begin your lucrative side hustle by completing immigration evaluations. 

Our first student was a satisfied one

YouTube ChannelShahada had approached me with the ask to assist her in learning how to complete these evaluations after she had become fully licensed. Once we talked on the phone she gave me the empowerment I needed to create this program for those who do not speak a second language.

We can do this work just as well as any other clinician and you shouldn't be turned off from completing these evaluations because of a language barrier.  

Don't let anyone talk you out of what you can and cannot do.  Go be great!

-Jere'My Rankins

Avoid Therapy Burnout

We believe a clinician should have more than one skill that brings revenue into their Business. Do you see yourself conducting therapy for the next 20+ years? How are those therapy notes coming along for you?

Helping Clinicians Grow in this Profession

By teaching you how to Fish for a Lifetime

    1. Welcome Message

    2. Immigration Applications #basics

    3. Make Report Writing Work for You

    4. Test your Understanding

    5. Test your knowledge

    1. Clinical Interviewing

    2. Structure and Organization of your Report

    3. Clean and Polish Reports

    4. A Real Interview/Report (Provisional Waiver)

    5. A case Vignette | Breaking down a report

    6. Pro Tip for improving your written reports! Avoid including a reference Page

    7. Sample Reports/Vignettes (Optional Lesson)

    1. Translator/Interpreter Services Agreement

    2. Protect Yourself

    1. Supplemental Materials

    2. Access Resources Library

    3. Don't miss a step in the evaluation process

    4. Cancellation of Removal: Redacted Report

    5. Anxiety Self Report Measures (DOWNLOADABLE)

    6. Depression Rating Scale (DOWNLOADABLE)

    7. PTSD-Spanish and English PCL-5

    1. Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence Software

    2. Expert Testimony

    3. Where to find high paying leads?


Course Details

  • $397.99
  • 30 lessons
  • 6 hours of video content
  • Certificate Upon Completion

Immigration Evaluations can be the key to set you free from burnout

Invest in You


“Initially, I had great difficulty with non-active links and inability to move forward in the course. Once corrections were made in the 'back office,' I was able to proceed and finish the course. I was allowed to go back and download those previously inactive links. This course was easy reading, enjoyable and highly informative! On my first try, I made 100 on the Assessment. I hung in there, even through programming challenges because the video words of wisdom, interviews and personalized presentations held my interest and gave examples of how to be successful in this business. Jere'My hung in there and responded to my concerns - I really appreciate his dedication to me, as a student. I know I am going to do well with what I have learned. Thank you so very much! I hope I am giving the highest rating! M H Hogue, LCSW-S Rated 5 out of 5”

Hogue, LCSW-S